Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Driver

So I am on vacation in New Jersey and my friends Jason and Bert took me out golfing.  I fell in love with it even though I suck.  Apparently in the beginning, everyone sucks.  I have also been hearing from all my friends, family, family friends, and random acquaintances that going into the field of finance, and now into law, I absolutely have to know how to golf.

While watching some television this morning, I happened to randomly look on craigslist to see if anyone in the South Jersey area was selling golf clubs at a reasonable rate.  Here's what I find:

Having no plans for the rest of the morning, I decide to head over to this thrift store and buy my first few clubs.  So I walk in, find the clubs in a corner, and start picking out the ones that go together to form a whole set.  After I grab all the irons I need, I grab a driver out of the bunch and suddenly I find myself stunned.  On the top of this driver is engraved "CUSTOM BUILT FOR J. Barber"

Wow.  I showed the guy at the counter and he was blown away too.  I just love when God does little things like this in my life to remind me that He is looking out for me.  Occurrences like this always lift my spirits and urge me to praise God.  And I know, I know, this is one of the "little things."  So I leave you with this: Praise God for the little things so that you don't forget to praise Him for the big things.

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